Current leases and/or division orders

We are new to all of this and are just trying to get everything lined out for our areas once we have the inherited trust in the correct names. We live out of state and am not familiar with the area at all.

Can anyone tell me if there are current leases or orders for the following and give me info on how to get a copy?

NW Qtr S8, T15N, R12W

West Half of SE Qtr S26, T19N R10W

Lots 1&2 and the East Half of NW Qtr S19, T17N, R13W


Orders can be found on the corporation commission website. You can look at deeds on a päy for play site.

Is it possible to access a division order from 1982 and how would one go about doing this?

Julene, I believe Mr. Shields was speaking of commission orders. I believe, to get a copy of the division order you will have to contact the operator or whoever is buying your production if the checks are coming from someone other than the operator.


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Quick question about leases and division orders, since all of my family is deceased and no one was able to sign a lease or division order from 1998 until now, how do I find out about the leases and what do we do from there besides hand it over to our attorney? Is there anything that I can find online that will be helpful? They are noted in division orders and pooling orders in Exhibit A as "unlocated".

The best place to start is at to hunt for the names involved. It may go back to the early 90's for digital data

The next place to look is on the Blaine County clerk's site under probate. This may be a bit time consuming.

The next place to look is on the OK county treasurer's unclaimed funds list for any missing money.

Division orders only come after a well is drilled and productive. Those are only found by contacting the operator. They are not public.

Friend me with the blue icon if you need more places to hunt. Better to try yourself before you pay an attorney. The more you can hand over, the less he will charge.