Current lease terms for Sec 35-1N-6W Stephens Co.

I would sincerely appreciate any information members of the group might have regarding activity and possible lease terms (bonus and royalty rate) in and around this Section. Bearcat is offering what seems to be a relatively low bonus and royalty at $600 and 3/16ths per NMA for a Continental renewal and without competitive information I can't yet get them to budge.

mr sanders

i'm selling some minerals i own in sec 9-1N-6W which are open -no production- on energy net and I've called several of the lessors in that 1N-6W town-range-to see what they were paid on recent leases-the highest price i was told was 2500 ac 3yr/ 3/16th lease was in sec 16 and 17-1n-6w in aug of 17-lessee was rolling thunder out of okc.

good luck

PS a friend of mine who is in the business told me that he was in the stephens co courthouse week before last and there were approx 60-80 landmen or imagers in the county clerks-so there is a lot of activity moving that way

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Thanks for the input, Rex.

I don't know if terms for my area Section 6-1N-5W are going to be any help but we were offered $2,000. and 3/16th by a company. Now, it hasn't happened yet so I don't count on it until it's in the bank. I contacted probably 5 different companies to give me an offer but no one has even responded (take that back, Echo Energy responded and said "No"). It seems like the companies just want to BUY the mineral rights? Let me know if you want the name of my guy.

Thanks, Crystal. I would very much appreciate knowing who you are working with. Would you mind emailing me that information to Jerry

Mr. Baker;

I am interested to know more about the $2500/3yr / 3/6 offer for Sections 16 and 17 that someone told you about. A quick google of Rolling Thunder Land Enterprises LLC seems indicate it is the former business name of Matt Cole, who's LinkedIn profile appears to be that of a college kid. I left a message on his cell phone. Any clarification you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Send me a personal message via this site if you'd rather. BTW, what are you expecting your minerals in Section 9 to sell for? I'm on your SE corner, in Section 15.


Kenneth M

Sorry just saw your post-I made a mistake on my post-it was actually Rolling Thunderbolt LLC. 5030 N. May suite 307-OKC. OK(Rolling Thunder Land is another company I think) that was the lessee on the lease in Sec 16-1N-6W that the lessor told me she was paid 2500 per acre 3 yr 3/16. I did notice she had other leases to RT in areas farther north in Stephens Co so that may be the reason she go the higher bonus-because the other two people I spoke with were more in the $800 per acre range. Rolling Thunderbolt assigned all these leases to Linn Energy Holdings LLC. 14701 Hertz parkway OKC OK