Current lease rates in Gaines County

I have a mineral right lease with J. Cleo Thompson that will expire this fall and would like information on current lease bonuses in Gaines County. My acres are located at Labor 22 League 297 which I think is in the south eastern part of Gaines county. There is or was a producing horizontal well close by at Labor 22 League 297. Our original lease bonus was for $400 per with a 1/4 royalty.

No idea about bonuses in this part of Gaines, but this is a link to a map with the J. Cleo Thompson “Reagan CSL 297-20” hz well. Move the vertical magnification bar on the left one unit to zoom out/decrease magnification and reveal the Labors within League 297. A friend with oil interests speaks very highly of this company.

Although your property seems to be more fringe (further from the core of the shale play), you can probably still do better than $400/nma.

Your property is in blue and you have some 2017 comps within a mile for $4,000/nma at 25%:


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Thanks for the information.