Current Lease Price Report

How does one get a current Lease Price Report (or something similar) that shows highs and lows for bonuses, royalties, etc.?

At the top of the page next to the blue “New Topic” rectangle, click on the magnifying glass icon and enter usleasepricereport in the pop up box. I have no idea how accurate said service is or if you would find it useful.

I think you’re referring to the Lierle Leasing Report which you can request here

I’ve found it somewhat useful but you can’t use it in a vacuum. Context is key and it should just be used as an additional data point. I wish there was more information on it regarding number of transactions included in the average and makeup of sources (%private leases, %state/federal leasing, etc).

Thank you very much.

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Will do, and thank you.

Again, thanks for the help.

One other comment. In Texas, the General Land Office and University Lands have transparent leasing, so one may find price paid per acre, royalty, term, etc. Federal lease auctions also have valuable information. Where are you minerals located?

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My family’s mineral interests are located in James English Survey, Abstract 186. Two tracts on west side of Hwy 87. We do not own the ground. Will definitely look into General Land Office and Univ Lands. Many thanks again.

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You didn’t say which county your talking about. A free and easy way to see those State leases AJ11 referred to is by going to and signing up for the Lease Alert covering your county. Depending how much activity is going on there they will send you periodic emails with links to the leases recently recorded in your county. Many will just be lease memorandums that don’t include the bonus amounts and other details so you’ll need to pick the ones where the State or other entities required all the lease provisions to be recorded.

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