Current Lease Price per Acre in Greene Co. PA

Is anyone familiar with the current going price paid per acre for leasing rights in Greene County, PA? Thanks in advance.

Hi Bethanybilly,

EQT is trying to lease at $1000 an acre on a delayed rental lease. Stay away from delayed rental, get a paid-up oil and gas lease. I had a friend who hired an attorney to negotiate his lease and the attorney was able to have EQT agree on $3000 an acre paid up. Companies used to pay up to $6500 an acre in Greene, but that has changed with EQT holding a lot of leased acreage in Greene.

Good luck with your negotiations and always find a professional or an attorney to get the lease modified.

Thanks very much l, very helpful!

To me the important thing is to have EQT guarantee that 100% of your tract is in their unit.

Yes Todd. Very important as well. Always get Pugh Clause, Warranty of Title, depth clause, non post production, hold harmless, better shut in, etc…

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