Current Lease Bonus Offers

I recently received and offer to lease some acreage in 3N/3W and was curious to see what other members have been offered. I see a lot of activity and the current Lierle report gives a high of $13K/acre.



The most recent pooling bonus offers have ranged from $600-720 3/16ths. Not sure where that report got $13K/ac for a lease bonus. Might be the actual fair market value, or one of the big corporate deals. Those high numbers would be more preferable.

$1.3K per acre for a lease or pooling bonus is within the realm of likelihood.

$13k per acre bonus is not out of the realm of possibility--a lease on the municipal airport land at El Reno was reported to be in that range. But I would expect lots of mineral owners in Garvin County would be buzzing if if that was a real number.

What is the Lierle report?

The Lierle report gives information about leases primarily by county for the US. In a few cases, the counties are broken down into halves but most of the data is aggregated at the county level. You have to pay a subscription to get the report.

sounds more like a purchase offer at 13,000. an acre that just a lease to me.