Current filings in McClain Co.OK. for Sec 30 8N 4W

Received, today, two filings…case # 201905589 & 201905590. It would seem they are related to the earlier filings scheduled in November. Wondering if anyone can explain the process? I know there were two wells proposed for Sec. 30 & 31 8N 4W. from the last set of papers, I received. Is what I received,today, just the start of all the needed paperwork leading up to actual drilling? How many hearings typically before drilling? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Now, another possible issue…on the first set of papers as with the current ones, received today…a relative is listed as a possible heir (known & unknown heir) to a person unknown to me. I contacted the Attorney after going over the prior papers and explained that I do not know the listed deceased mineral owner nor has that name ever come up in the two estate probates I have been involved with in Oklahoma. But, did note to attorney that if there was some relationship between deceased mineral owner and my relative listed as a possible heir, then I along with my brothers and my deceased Uncle’s estate would most likely be heirs , too. I got a call from the landman involved and was told that it appeared to be an error as to any relationship with deceased mineral owner and my relative would be removed from their list of known/unknown heirs. Today’s paperwork still lists that deceased mineral owners possible known/unknown heir as one of my relatives. Question…should I, again, try to correct this info or just let it play out to see if this info eventually drops off? My true belief is that this “relationship” is an error, but if, for some reason, it is true then I would need to protect the interests of my deceased Uncle and Myself and my Brothers. I’d appreciate your thoughts on this subject, too. Thanks in advance. Rick Buscemi

In general, the operator will space the intended reservoir horizon(s). If there is going to be a horizontal well, then the spacing will usually, but not always be for 640 acres. If a multi-section well, then both sections will have to be spaced. Then a horizontal well will be ordered. If they want to move the well from the center of the section, a location exception will be ordered. Sometimes an extra allocation order will be needed. Then the last thing is usually the pooling for all owners not leased. Then the permit will be issued.

If you already told the about the issue, they will hopefully run the title and correct everything. The initial Drilling Title Opinion is done by one attorney in order to lease. Once the well is drilled, the Division Order Title Opinion is done by a different attorney and is usually quite rigorous since the amounts of money can be large and they want to make sure they are paying the royalties to the true title holders of the minerals.

It is helpful to put the paperwork in case order # and then by date. You can look up all the cases online at the OCC website and get colored copies of the exhibits in some cases. Type in the case number in the top box to pull up everything that is posted. They do not always mail you all the items. OAP. I save the paper copies in one file and download digital copies of everything.

Thanks for the info…very helpful. RB