Current bonus and RI in Terry Co

Can anyone give me the current signing bonus per net mineral acre in Terry county and also average RI?
Thanks so much.

To clarify from prior post, property is Section 88, BLK DD
E/2 SE/4 and W/2 SE/4. Total nma owned in section 88 is 69.870625. Have been approached for lease, however can’t find where much is going on in Terry. Any info on drilling close to this property would be appreciated. Thanks

I don't know where your property is, but my mother received $450 per acre and a 1/4 royalty. Granted, this was March of 2011, so obviously not very current. Her minerals are in the Public School Land Survey, located in the East/Central part of the County (I've just learned). I'm just now starting to learn about Terry County.

Good luck.

Thanks so much for the information. There doesn’t seem to be much activity there. Just trying to do my due diligence.

Anyone been released since March 2011?? Thinking bad news out of Terry, since our lease is up next month and no mail or calls to release. We were paid $500/acre in Hockley and Terry. Releasing would show better signs....of something. We did get info from Attorney's back in 2013 wanting to purchase our rights, but said no way :)

Thanks for your replies. Will let you know if we come to any agreement on a lease in Terry.

Did not come to an agreement on the lease. Landman offered $100 per nma signing bonus. Ultimately they would not go any higher than $200. I just didn’t feel that was in my best interest for almost 70 acres.

Who was leasing you? High Plains Energy by any chance?