Does anyone know how i will be able to tell when they have started drilling? Lease has been finalized.

Becky .. It's like pulling teeth with these oil companies to find out things, so it's anybody's guess of what's going on - not unless you know someone that lives nearby that can drive by and check things out as they progress, but they still can't go on site or find out any information since the workers are prohibited from disclosing much! If you just signed your lease, they may have a ways to go with a string of continuous hearings before they (eventually) get the permit to drill, and even after they get the permit they can extend it after the expiration date of a year! There's a lot of factors that come into play with the court proceedings and then it depends upon an available rigs, etc. However, you can begin following it by getting onto the OCC website, go to IMAGES and enter in your legal to check if anything is happening. In my case I signed the lease in May of 2012, they didn't pulled the permit in the end of Dec. 2013 and they weren't finished with the Completions until Oct. 2014, and after that it took another 6 months (allowed per statutes) to pay the back payments and the monthly royalty payments!! Save it on your desktop and keep checking, but DO NOT hold your breath, since it's going to take awhile! Lol BTW, I keep tabs on everything going on in the sections all around me, as well. Not everyone's takes as long as ours did, so hopefully, yours will move along a little faster. Here's the link