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Kirk – I have no direct interest in Culberson. However, your $800/ac offer piqued my interest! I did locate your properties as being ~16 miles SW of Orla and ~36 miles NW of Pecos… if that’s not about right, let me hear. Good luck!

Later – Buzz

Thanks for setting this up!

We have a couple of small tracts in BLK’s 42, 60 but have not been contacted. Devon appears to be the most likely candidate.

Welcome one and all. I look forward to communicating with other individuals with mineral interests in Culberson county. Please feel free to comment, ask questions, and share your story.


Also, well permitting appears to have really picked up. Big companies, too which I find reassuring.

Yes it certainly piqued our interest as well. However in looking at some of the bonuses given out in Reeves I believe it can get better. Now I know Reeves and Culberson are two different areas but the sections I have are right near the county line. And you should never take their first offer I have quickly learned.

I have land close to Culberson. Mine is in Sec 8 blk 55 township 4. I leased my land in Oct 2010 for $800.00 an acre with 25% for 3 years with an option for an extra 2 years. My land is state classified so I think the state really decides if we have a lease or not. I am learning as I am new to all this and would appreciate all the help I can get too. Thanks all…

I had an offer from Legend back in June of 2010. It started at $250/acre. While negotiating, another company started calling–forming a little bidding war. A week later we closed it at $575/acre with 24% royalty, 3yrs w/ 2 yr option.

In August 2011, fed ex arrived with a letter to assign 50% of our mineral lease to Petrohawk, now a subsidiary of BHP. I called the Land Manager at Legend and asked his intentions with our minerals and he said–“should be permitted in January 2012”—to call back for an update in Nov. When I called in Nov. he said they would not drill this round but probably the next round (July 2012) if new wells in area are doing well. HMMM.

Our minerals are located in Culberson county sec 20, blk 58. Does anyone have info on production of Petrohawk wells in the area close to our section??

I have a tract in Blk 55 of Culberson Co. near the Reeves Co. border. I received an offer of $1200/acre, but for only a 20% royalty for a 5 year lease. A friend with a large property in western Reeves Co. advised me to hold out for $1500/acre for a 25% royalty for a 3 year lease, but at that level, the prospect decided to hold off on pursuing the lease. Most of the land surrounding my property is leased by either Petrohawk or Conoco-Phillips, with 25% royalties and 3 or 5 year terms, but I do not know the bonus payments on those leases. I’m hoping that the action continues to move my way… but at $2.32/MMBtu, who knows when that will happen.

First off, do you need or want to access the bonus money?

If not, you can wait and keep your fingers crossed. This really is an interesting process. The good news is that Petrohawk is permitting wells and spending money.

Good luck.


What is your Abstract #?

Here is a link to the Texas GIS(Geographic Information System)map.

By using this map and your Abstract #, Block #, and Section # you should be able to find your minerals/acreage.

Clint Liles

All of the current activity is in the NW corner of the county, right? I have acreage well to the SW of Orla, but to be honest I am not sure exactly where it is.

Hello All,

I have recently inherited 20 acres ( 5 acres x 4 ) adjoining in Culberson County TX.

Deeds shows Block 45 and sections in 7, 8 etc… I am trying to get a fix on its location in the county thru plat map, survey maps etc… but culberson clerk and information has not provided any details.

Does anyone have information to its general location and perhaps a map of this area??

Any idea to value per acre in this area? I’m guessing this is barren,desert area.

Any help appreciated, Thanks D

Oops, I meant the NE corner of the county.

Thanks Austin, Looks like this interactive map does the trick!

Looks like the properties are in the upper nw corner of block45 about 30 miles due west of Mentone and us 285 area. The map does not have sections listed but gives me a good idea of location anyway. THANKS

Actually it does show Sections also… Even better! thanks

Stephen – Baker Hughes’s weekly drilling report w/e 3/8 shows 5 active rigs in Culberson County, all within a ~12 x ~12 mile square in NE corner. Also, 2 wells in Reeves County along county line w/Culberson, 18 and 26 miles, respectively, south of the New Mexico border. In addition, there are 2 rigs shown in Eddy County, New Mexico, just across the state line. FWIW, B-H shows 39 active rigs in Reeves. Later – Buzz

Thanks for the link Clint.

However I have no abstract # on deed or tax forms. Only shows Block, Section, parcel numbers.

ex. w1/2 se 1/4 ne 14 sw 1/4 , Sec 7, Block 45 PSL, Culberson County.

Parcel 16133/1

Thanks… have to do more investigation I guess…

What is the maximum number of leases anyone has known to be associated with ONE section of a block? Anyone?

…and I mean for one period, i.e., with multiple royalty recipients associated with the section.