Culberson County Surface Rights

I have a property in Section 5 of Block 112 in Culberson County, TX. It is in the NW4 and of the NE4 of the section. The northern property line sits on the Section and Block line. Great access and only .25 miles from a paved HWY. I am in talks with Capitan Energy/Antelope on purchasing my surface rights. They already own both tracts on either side of me. I would like to know how much per acre I can get. I have read others in this forum and seen anywhere from $700/$3,000 an acre as well as some people recommending to seek much higher. Capitan has an active and producing gas well that is either on or just off my property line. It is James Fee 6 H (API 109-33099). I am not familiar with oil and gas production so I’m seeking advice on a sale price or if leasing would even be an option and how that would work. Any advice would be helpful! Thank you all in advance.