Culberson County Land Price


My name is Lyuba. I am new to this site. I have 15.3 acres of land in Culberson county, know nothing about activity in this county. Some time ago Dawson and CGG company contacted me to get permission for 3-D survey. Recently, I've received an offer in the amount of $4590 from land man for all 15.3 acres. Please, give me an idea if it is right price to sell. I do not have mineral rights , just surface. Legal is AB 1573 & 1574 BLK 112 NW/PT SEC 5&6 PSL PAR 82-84.

thank you

Lyubov, please accept my friend request so I can message you, I'm interested in the property as well, it's somewhat close to what I already own. - Thanks, Bobby