Culberson 2021

Hello Friends,

I’ve checked the forum and I don’t see any recent info on Culberson activity. Could be user error.

I’m receiving lots of decent offers lately. One landman said they just approved more drills. I’m wondering if anyone else knows more. I’m currently leasing in Apollo 48.

Congratulations. Railroad Commission’s site says Cimarex got permits approved in early June to drill 7 more wells in the Apollo 48 Unit. Numbered 3H through 10H and all permitted for total depth of 15000’.

Here’s a link to the plat of the 3H that also shows the proposed path of the other wells.

Culberson County - Cimarex Apollo 48 Unit.pdf (341.6 KB)

Thanks for the info Dusty1. I really appreciate it! Maybe I should I wait and see how this affects royalty payments…

Don’t know whether Cimarex fits the category, but some E&P companies have sections or related companies that acquire mineral interest in their area of operation. If you are considering offers it might be worth finding out if Cimarex is interested. They should be in the best position to know what it’s worth.

Congrats. I expect these next 8 wells will produce much stronger results than the 2H 2014 Apollo 48. That first 2H well seems pretty deep, maybe Wolfcamp C or D. Cimarex brags about their Culberson wells, I think they’re drilling upper Wolfcamp (Wolfcamp A and Wolfcamp X/Y) and producing excellent results. Surprised they plan 8 wells, I thought Cimarex is spacing wider but producing better results from 7-well configurations in Culberson.

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