CTR Bovine 1-28-33-34XH


You have to be your own advocate. If you think you are owed more, you have to prove it to them with good documentation. With three sections, there are probably close to 1000 owners and it is going to be complex and take a while.


Four years ago I did an Affidavit of Death and Heirship (AOH) when I became aware of some minerals my grandparents owned. They died without the minerals ever being transferred to my dad and uncle (who had also died). I spent a few hours at the county clerk’s office getting documents related to the minerals. I then completed an AOH form I found online (pdf electronic form), forwarded it to our family attorney for review and who listed his name and address as the affiant, he then printed a copy, signed it and had it notarized. He called me and I took the 3 page AOH document to the county clerk’s office and paid the $17 fee to file it.

Note: AOH was for 2.5 acres in 28-4N-6W and 10 acres in 27-4N-6W… Grandparents had passed away more than 20 years earlier at the time.


They are requiring me to obtain and file a ‘correction deed.’ Hopefully, that does not mean I have to re-open probate on a 30+ year case.


a AOH was not enough for the landman to execute a lease for a tract that I own. We had to have a “Quiet Title Suit” executed by the County Clerk after a notice of the Title was published in a local newspaper.

Had an attorney handle this and the cost was about 2k. Ask your lease agent (landman) what they need to write the lease – maybe you can avoid this extra expense. This was also a 30 year old inheritance that was not included in the probated estate.

This is a lesson as to importance to make sure all ownership issues are handled by Probate or Trust actions. Hopefully these issued can be “cured” but it costs…


how was the attorney you used? How long did it take?

I ask b/c I need to do a quiet title action on a small amount of acreage in Grady as well.


It took over a month — I think mostly because in a Quiet Title one has to wait to see if anyone shows up to challenge the Title. Anyway — I thought it expensive – But now I know why lawyers are so rich.


I am trying to determine if my decimal interest is correct on the bovine well is correct. I have 2.22 nma in sec 33 do says my interest is 0.00018682 sec. 33 got21.5220% my lease is 1/4,DOsays sign and return. any help would be greatly apreciated.


My Excel spreadsheet has 2.22/640 x .25 x 21.5220%=0.00018664 decimal interest

You may have slightly more than 2.22 NMA… 2.2222 gets you to the 0.00018682 decimal interest