Cryogenic Proscessing Plant


There is only a dirt road between my property and the cruogenic processing plant. I am befuddled as to whether that is a good, or bad thing. I need some intellectual minds out there for their input to help describe exactly what the future holds for MY Pecos property.

Thanks, Mary


Not to worry, Mary. Cryogenic gas and oil processing plants
are safer now than the lean oil absorption plants 50 years ago.
I’ve built both kinds of plants during my career in the oil and
gas industry. The operator will keep good fences up along the
Rights of Way for gas and oil input lines…and the finished product will be pumped out through equally securely fenced
pipeline rights of way to take the products to market.

From time to time they will grade the surface along the pipeline rights of way and spray weed killer along the ROW
fences and perimeter fences of the Cryo Plant. They will be good neighbors for you as the land owner.

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen


Thank-you Lawrence.