Cross referencing for Reeves County, TX

HI, can someone help me out? I went to this website

I am trying to figure out about section 385, Block 13, H. & G. N. Railway comany. How do I cross reference this information to see if any drilling is going to happen here?

Lisa, the GIS mapping system does not show a Section 385 for Block 13 in Reeves County…it does show a Section 285 but I see no activity in that area.


Use this link to use the GIS mapping system:

HI, Thanks for responding. You have been so helpful in the past, and I really appreciate it. That was a typo. I meant 285. I accidenttally hit post and I couldn’t edit. I was still trying to type more. The snippet was just a smaill portion. I used the link you showed me a while back. That is a very good resource! How do I see all of it, and find out how to cross reference? Someone offered my sister, cousin, and me an opportunity to sell our shares. It is not a lot, but still makes me wonder. So I wondered if something was happening finally. Why would someone want this if nothing is scheduled to drill?

Nothing is happening now. It’s kinda bleak looking south of I-10. Not great wells. Would likely need high natgas pricing, I’d reckon.

IMO someone would want it on the hope that something will happen. I would assume it’s just a risk thing. If there is a 75% chance nothing happens in 10 years then its worth zero and there’s a 25% that something happens in 10 years and its worth, say 9. Then someone might offer you 1. Using made up numbers.

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Lisa after checking the area to the West and Southwest I see where Apache has some shut-in Alpine High gas wells. These were drilled in 2017-2018 and I’m fairly sure they were test wells…some of them are fairly good producers with one mile or less laterals…also in the area of your minerals are some not so good Wolfcamp wells…there just hasn’t been enough exploration in the area to say whether it’s an area to hold on to the minerals or not in my opinion…If they were my minerals I would hold on to them. I feel that in the future natural gas will be more valuable than it is at the present time.

Lisa in the future when you hit post and want to return to add something or clear an error just click on the pencil in the area of the trash can and you can continue your typing

Circled in red on the map below are the Apache Corp. Alpine High gas wells:


RRC’s GIS map is the easiest way to track new activity in an area. This first page includes links to a tutorial and video on how to get started.

Thank you, Clint, I wanted to edit, but my comment went straight into moderation because I hadn’t posted in ages! It has been a long time since I have been on this site. Not much happening with interests. This Reeves, TX one has had no actiivty. My sister, cousin, and I inherited a small amount from our grandparents. I received a text the other day from someone asking to purchase our shares. He has been doing title searches and found my information. None of us were interested in selling. Then this guy tells me that we won’t ever receive anything because it is worthless. Not properly attributed, so he wants to sue. Then he says he will recover it for us if we deed him 60%. “Feel free to research yourselves, but without multiple expensive specialists, it won’t work out in your favor”. I don’t know why it isn’t properly attributed. Is this something that happens often? Is my lack of knowledge being seen as an easy target? I wish I knew what this was about. Not sure why litigation is necessary.

The question is: if these minerals are so ‘worthless’ why does this investor want them???

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Lisa, I don’t understand what this person means by 'suing ’ …If I was you I would contact a landman to check what you and your relatives actually own and make sure that acreage is in your names and recorded at the courthouse in Pecos, Texas. Reeves County is online so you may be able to check for yourself. I had a landman friend check some minerals in Reeves County for me about 18 months ago…He said it was a simple process.
If and when the Saguaro Connector Pipeline gets built and finished your acreage might look more appealing to investors or producers/operators.

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HI I went to a page to search Reeves and I see that my grandparents left their shares to their 3 children in 1947. Then I see my uncle’s probate papers. My father and aunt’s shares are in the process of being transferred. So the only thing I should see as a done deal are my uncle’s shares. Maybe this person thinks that the other 2/3 is not done properly?
This is what I see from my search. I don’t understand why there aren’t names mentioned for my uncle’s shares. It just says “public” instead of the names of the heirs. I looked at the papers associated with it and it does mention his heirs. Weird. I may need to hire a landman once my father’s shares are transferred so I can understand what all of this means.

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