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There may be some interest developing in Crosby County. I visited with one owner of a large mineral holding there who said a landman had made contact with an offer of $75 per acre. Said owner just laughed at the offer. Usually the early offers/leases are lowball and as you know when they start getting production the offers go up as competition moves in. Since there is very little info available for Crosby County leases, you might want to check the activity in east Lubbock County and over into Garza County. Good luck.

I recently got an offer of $200 per acre plus 3/16 of production. I am located just below the caprock near 207. I am not in any hurry to sign. Any suggestions?

Wondering if there is any activity in or around Section 89 Block 2 of Crosby County? Looking at the RRC maps, it looks lonely in this county.

Thanks for your help.

What is the best website for pulling old deeds in Crosby County?

I see that does not have any records for Crosby and only goes back about 5 years. I need to possibly go back 70 years.


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