Crockett County OZONA TX royalty tracking

Any recommendations for an easy to use tracking program to see not only who is pumping oil, gas minerals on my sections, but how much and when?? And a CPL recommendation who can help me with it? Sally Boer

I don't use a tracking program--just my assistant and me. You can find out the production and disposition of gas and oil by lease on the Railroad Commission site. Not hard to do, once you get the hang of it.

Howdy Sally, You’d be surprised by a simple conversation with the subcontractors and truck driver at the site who and how much is with some leg work and a field trip for comparisons.

How are they doing that? Usually, my problems with operators are there post production charges. I DO have one operator who is simply too stupid to comply with the State contract, but that’s rare.

Sally, I am a CPA, not CPL or attorney. If the will from the original owner is filed in the county, and the executor conveyed from the estate to you, the conveyance needs to be filed in the county as well. they are very easy to do, and i filed successfully in 40 Texas counties when my uncle died. If the will wasn't filed with the county where your minerals are, you can do that, or whoever the executor can. If your mom was your grandmother's executor, and she is gone, and you were your mom's executor, it might be as complicated as filing an affidavit of heirship with the county. Then you can file a conveyance form from the estate to you in your name with the county (has to be notarized) and a fee paid, but it is there in the record.

Once you have a copy with the recording data (volume, page or document number), you can file with the operator and they should send you a division order. It takes a month or so, but the steps are simple and most land divisions in the operators i dealt with were helpful. My email is, if you wish to discuss any of this further in a nonpublic setting.