Crockett County Drilling

We own minerals in northern Crockett County, TX. The Texas RR Commission seems to always be behind in its postings. Do any of you know if the drilling activity in the Wolfcamp/Wofberry Shale has picked up in that area? Also, have you heard of any production rates in the area?

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Bob F.


Completion report on the Maggie Moore Well # 340C

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Clint Liles

Thanks, Clint. The Maggie Moore looks like a vertical well. Also the Wolfcamp/Wolfberry doesn't look like the primary zone. The well is 24 miles southeast of Ozone. So it is about 50 miles or so from our minerals that are located just south of HW-190 running east/west.

We had reports that there were some horizontal wells staked in the area to test the Wolfcamp/Wolfberry shale. However all I can find are horizontals wells to the north of HW-190.

Thanks again for this, Clint.


Actually right now is a good time to sell your minerals. People that say "never sell" have thrown logic/reason out of the window. Oil prices are high right now and mineral values have gone up (ever heard of buy low sell high)? There will be another bust sooner or later...history repeats itself. Once that happens, then buy some minerals and hold on to them. Just something to keep in mind. I am in the business of both buying and selling minerals. There is a company called Yakka that will pay a pretty penny for minerals in most areas of Texas. I'd give them a call if I were you.

Thanks for you input, Jimmy. Yep, I understand. I have been in the oil industry for over 35 years so I have been through all the cycles - good & bad! The first natural gas we sold was for $0.17 mcf. When we negotiated a price for $1.17 mcf years later we thought we had died & gone to heaven.

The minerals that we have in northern Crockett County came to my wife & her brothers through their granddad. He kept them for many years so I doubt they will sell them. We are working with a friend, a landman, & Devon so we'll see what happens. If they don't drill in the area over the next year or so when our lease is up we may put a group together & drill ourselves.

Thanks again for your input, Jimmy. I think it is excellent advise for passive mineral owners not in the industry.