Crescent Point Energy direct deposit

Does anyone else have this problem.? - I have submitted 3 requests for direct deposit to Crescent Point Energy. I sent the first one in February of 2020. That was nine months ago. Followed by two more approximately 2 months apart. I am not getting direct deposit yet. I have sent numerous Emails inquiring as to what the issue could be.

I received 1 Email asking me to call and they would walk me through the form. I called immediately and got no answer. I called several more times and left messages and received no return calls. I subsequently was in contact with a cousin who is having the same issue with Crescent Point Energy and direct deposit. I am so frustrated, I was about to fire off Emails to the company board of directors. Then I thought I’d ask other mineral owners if they have had this experience with this company and what might a resolution for me be. Are they earning interest on my royalties for the 7 or 8 days it takes to get to me from two states away?

Thank you all for any suggestions you may have.

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