Craig Ranch 1-8H well on S 8 T17n R20w also S5 and 7 17n 20w

Rockford energy had completed this well in 2011 and it produced about $500 a month income for my 8.33 ac. After about a year Chesapeake acquired the lease and in no time the payments dropped off to almost nothing and I never could find out why other than they said they were working to mitigate the problem. The well as far as I know is shut and Cpeak no longer holds my leases but I don't know this for sure. It was a three year lease. I got a letter saying they owed for gas royalties but don't think I have much coming if in fact the well was shut. How can I find these things out?

If anyone in the area has any information at all about what may be going on in that area I would greatly appreciate knowing about it.

Chesapeake plugged the Craig Ranch 1-8H in 2013.