Craig County, OK

I have inherited 350 mineral acres in Craig County OK from my grandfather. I was told over the phone from the county recorder office that it was a warranty deed with 1/2 the rights.

I am not sure what this means can someone please explain. Would it be best to sell or wait and get a lease on it? Does anyone know if they are using craig county area?

There was a total of a whopping 75 barrel of oil produced in the entire Craig County for the month of January 2012. I believe there still is some coal mining in the county.

The warranty deed conveyed 1/2 of the rights but would have to know exact wording in the deed to know just what that 1/2 was, the Grantor may not have owned 1/2 the rights to the tract so it might have only conveyed half the rights that the Grantor owned which could have been 1/2 the rights in the entire tract.