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I live in Texas and have Minerals in the county Can anyone tell me if there is any Drilling or Leasing going on in The County Thanks


I don't know about any leasing going on now but there is a well being drilled by Roundtree in Sec 21 8N 14W called the Robertson 21-7 no. 2. The only other one I know of is the Teddric well being operated by Mosbacher Energy. Located in Sec 10 7N 15W it has been producing since May 2012. I haven't heard of any others even being permitted in Covington recently. Hope this helps.


Thanks for info. mine are in sec.14 TS 6 N range 16w Don't know how close this is to any thing.


Live in OK and have minerals in Covington Co. Recently contacted by Inland Energy Company wanting us to renew an expired lease in Sec 6 T7N R15W: NESE & NWSE, stated on phone same lease as before, but the new lease they sent is for 3 years and states, "The royalties in paragraph 3 are hereby changed from 1/8 to 3/16 on oil and gas and from 1/10 to 3/16 on all other minerals mined and marketed including sulphur.

Anyone have experience with Inland Energy Company? Apparently our parents had a lease with them, but can't find any evidence that there was any activity or checks from them. Does anyone know of any activity in that area or any rumors of pending activity in that area? Don't have experience in obtaining drillling and well info in Mississippi. Appreciate any reponses.


I'm looking for a reputable landman local to Covington County to perform some simple title research on several interests. Please email me with any referrals or your contact information.