Courthouse address change

Hi everyone. I am have a hard time finding the department at the courthouse I need to change the address on the mineral rights we have in Bastrop County Texas. I don’t know what to tell them what I’m trying to do. I don’t know all the legal terms .I know there’s a form somewhere, or what it’s called. I hope this makes sense to someone

Regards Caroline

@Robertbil, the Bastrop County Central Appraisal District has a change of address form/instruction on their website. They would like to have your address to send you tax appraisals and tax bills if you have producing mineral rights.

If your mineral rights are not producing, then I have found that the county clerks in Texas aren’t too interested in tracking your address.

Peter, would the address change form also take care of the courthouse records for the mineral rights? There is no production that we know of. Appreciate your help

Regards Caroline

Caroline, I don’t believe the Bastrop CAD address form is what you need. You stated that you inherited mineral rights. Was there a probate in Texas, a Transfer on Death deed filed in Texas, or even a trust created? You must make sure that your ownership of the mineral rights is removed from your father’s name and placed in your name. I would suggest that you may consider consulting with a licensed Texas attorney familiar with mineral rights to find out exactly how to proceed.

@Robertbil, the property tax records cared for by the county assessor and the property ownership records that the county clerk cares for in the courthouse are not the same. In Oklahoma it is common to file an address change affidavit with the county clerk, but I have not found this to be a common practice in Texas. Texas landmen have to be able to track you down from your address on your original deed or other ownership documents. Several other states I have worked with are like Texas in this regard… If you call the county clerk and ask to update your mineral rights address, they will tell you they don’t keep track of those addresses.

So sorry, I misread your original post. You did not mention an inheritance at all! However, you should still make sure that the ownership of the mineral rights, whether producing or not, is correctly in your name. You would do that through the deed records at the County Clerk’s office.

At least in Oklahoma, this can be done with a simple affidavit to be filed in the county listing the legal description and your updated information. You might check with Bastrop County whether this is acceptable, the cost and any other filing requirements.

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