County taxes

I am currently getting royalty checks from production in Robertson county Texas. There are

two taxes being deducted from each check. One is a severance tax and the other is a

regulatory tax. Texas does not have an income tax as we have here in Pennsylvania. So the

question is; "does Robertson county assess any taxes on my royalty payments"? Also

would there be any other surprise taxes or assessments that I should be aware of in

Robertson county? For those of you who can help....Thank you. William Gordon

we got a notice from the dewitt county appraisal district for tax that will be due to the county on production of oil , for our royalty check, that was a surprise we only get royalty checks, we don't have the mineral rights only royalties

There is a state severance tax and each county has property taxes. The county property taxes are usually not deducted from checks. You get a year end tax bill. Check to see if the county has an account set up for you.

I am not aware of any county that fails to assess and collect taxes on mineral interests. In fact, there is even a statewide formula on how they assess mineral interests and it is based on prior years production. Not sure what you mean by behind the times.


Found this explanation of how they value mineral interests in Texas appraisal districts. It is not based on prior year's production per se, but rather is a fair market value approach. However, the prior year's prices and production levels are factors in setting FMV.