County line - value?

has anyone got a clue on what minerals lease or sell for in Uintah and Duchesne county? I just found out I own there also. I guess it got left out of a will.

Hello Cole,

I have heard of acreage bonuses ranging from 1100 to 1900/acre but I have no way to validate that. As you probably know those numbers can vary based upon # of acres, location, proximity to producing wells, etc.

Allan Smith is the President of the Utah Royalty Owners Association. I do not have his contact information but he lives in Roosevelt Utah.

Hope this starts a good conversation! John

What townships are involved? Perhaps I can give you some ideas. Jay

I need information about this also. I have 13.938 net mineral acres in Uintah County, Township 2 South, Range 2 East, Section 19.

A company in Fort Worth, TX has been contacting me for at least a year, recently at least once every 2 weeks, sometimes twice a day. Their first offer was 600 per acre for a 5-year lease. Today the guy called and said their offer was 450 per acre for a 3-year lease with a 2-year option. There wouldn’t be much left after taxes and as well as paying my lawyer 250 an hour to go over the lease - - pretty much pocket change as far as I’m concerned.

What is this area going for in terms of leasing? Also, what is the current selling price?