County Land discussion

Hi All, My family has property in Andrew's Co and we own both the surface and mineral rights. We are having discussions about value, and selling and wonder if anyone here can give me a contact in the area that's up on land use, sale and values. The property is 320acres blk A-43 sec13 AB 1540. At least that's the description on the documents I hold. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I don't know of any person in Andrews County--wish I did. But my family also has mineral rights, very close to yours I think (S/2 Section 2; Block A-44). We recently negotiated a lease bonus for $500 per net mineral acre. I believe others will tell you NOT to sell your rights! You are much better off holding on to the rights and leasing them. I have never heard anyone on this forum or other venues that think selling is a good deal. With 350 acres you should make a bundle just leasing--then IF they strike oil (so to speak) you will be rolling.