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Any developments in the Dunn County area of 141/93 14 & 15 Are there any active leases for this description

The last permits in the township were in 18-2013, 20-2011, 2012 ,28-2012. Last production in the township was in 20-11/20, 18-3/14. Last lease in 14 was in 2016. No drilling. Last lease in 15 was in 2012. No drilling. So no active leases

I live in Oklahoma and it’s been very difficult to get any answers so Thank you for your time to research this for me. I am the legal owner of 141 93 14 & 15. My question is Why was I not notified by anyone looking at those two area’s. I have filed all the necessary documents and recorded & filed with the Dunn county court house in 2003. Is there any way that I can find out who else is listed on the same TRS? Again any help is appreciated. Thank you

The only reason anyone would want to find you is if they want to lease. There was not a lot of activity back in that time frame. Most of the leases in 15 were with the State of North Dakota. Just a few private individuals for 14 from 2005 to 2016. There can be hundreds of mineral owners in a section.

Make sure that you refile in ND in a few years. I can’t remember if the time frame is 20 years or 25 years. The county courthouse will have the files for all the mineral owners. They might be online, not sure.

Ok. I really appreciate you for your time and information.

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