Could New Permitted Locations mean we are not on the “fringe”?

Not long ago, I posed the question here asking if anyone knows of anything being done in Sec 75 (HT&C Blk 34).

Several of you were good enough to respond, one stating “When zooming out, you see section 75 is on a very apparent line where horizontals fade to vertical gas wells that fade to extremely old vertical oil wells. In other words, this acreage is on the edge of the play (for now at least) and is all about speculation.”

Then, under another topic, it was said; “as to whether this is totally “fringe” area, that may be open to interpretation. Your section is surrounded on three sides by acreage held by XTO/Exxon under 1970s deep gas wells. These wells do not produce much gas but they enable XTO to hold thousands of acres”

So today looking at the RRC Viewer I see that all 3 of the sections adjacent to us now have the small blue circle indicating locations of permitted wells. If I’m seeing this correctly, these sections long been held by XTO/Exxon are now being targeted, I’d guess for oil. Can I take from this that XTO considers this acreage as having good oil producing potential and not on the “fringe” of the play?

If you mean the blue circles with cross hairs, those are “dry holes.” There are a few permitted wells south of you (Jagged Peak) in Sections 73 and 74, but the ones in Section 85 are old and expired permits. Permits are only valid for 2 years, so if you click on one and it’s over 2 years old, then it is no longer active. Wish the legend distinguished active vs inactive permits, but it doesn’t.


Makes sense, thanks for clarifying.

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