Cougar well?

I have small interest in howard co. Im pretty clueless, but im waiting to hear back from cougar well which may have had some production.and im waiting for new division orders. Again im pretty clueless, is it worth me spending time looking into this? Sec 10-blk 31

SM Energy has completed several wells in the Cougar A lease, some currently producing and others that may be shut-in.

Below is a link to the plat of that 808 acre unit that extends from a drill site in Section 13 north through Section 10 and terminates in Section 3 of Blk 31. It looks like the unit included acreage in the west half of those three sections. You said your mineral interest is in Sec. 10, which would be Abstract 1108, but without a more specific location there is no way to know if it is included in the unit.

Assuming your interest is under lease to SM Iā€™d try emailing or calling their Royalty Owner Relations group and inquire about the status of a division order covering your interest. Their contact information is:


Phone: 303-863-4367 (Toll Free Hotline) Fax: 303-863-7539

Address: SM Energy Company 1775 Sherman St. Suite 1200 Denver, CO 80203


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