Cottonwood 1V Shut In payment

I received a 0.01 royalty payment from this man named David E. Bower Oil and Gas Alma West Virginia. Would anyone here know where the Topic Cottonwood 1V would be located. This the second time I have heard this mans name. I did some checking and found he had court cases in West Virginia concerening my Cousins Surface and mineral rights claims.

This man has purchased dozens of properties at tax auction. Not trying to say anything bad about the man but until an out of state heir realizes they own mineral rights that property is free game . My mother lost 12.5 acres of mineral rights at tax sale to David 24 months before she realized she was an heir to the mineral rights. The out of state Will was not filed prior and the heir they had on record did not respond.

My next step is to contact the State of West Virginia and County Tax offices.

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