Cost of water

What is a fair price per barrel for wAter for fraking to the land owner for their water?

Prices will vary by state, county and even location within the county. You should post this question on your county website page.


Two years ago, I asked for $50/barrel, and they said no and offered "pennies." But, the more I thought about the possibilities of pollution and contamination, I decided to negotiate a "do not take water from my land" clause ... anywhere, surface or subsurface. I'm glad I did as there is no amount of money that could make me change my mind. Water is too precious.

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Water well for production of fresh water is quite small, appearing more like a rod with a meter attached to measure the water. No significant pollution or contamination issues. If your tract is small, then underlying water can be drained by wells on adjacent land. A saltwater disposal well is quite different since large volumes are pumped into a non productive formation. You want a responsible party to do this. A commercial operation allows saltwater disposal from many parties. Or a disposal well can be limited to a single oil company and satwater only from its wells. Fees for fresh water and saltwater are vastly different, although all measured per barrel. Keep in mind that definition of fresh water does not necessarily mean it is potable.