Corterra Energy for sale

I just read that Corterra is for sale and bids close Feb 20th this year. Does anyone have information about this? Thanks, Barn.

If you look in your search engine under “Corterra Energy news”, there is a summary article by HartEnergy which lists the sale offering. Or you can look up Detring Energy Advisors LLC as they are handling the sale.

I have been looking for information on the Corterra Energy sale and have not found any information. I am anxious to find out of it was sold and what will happen next. I would appreciate any information on this as I have royalties in a few sections in Hughes county Township 6N. Thank you. Barn.

In general, when a company is bought, royalty payments continue on producing wells. You may get a new Division Order from the new company. Sometimes, there is a slight lag as due diligence is done. You can see if your wells have been sold by looking up form 1073 on the well records site of the OCC. Test