Correction! Offer In Logan County, Okla

I'm looking for information regarding activity in or around S22 T19N R3W Logan, County. Have an offer of $250. for a 3 year term 3/16 plus a 2 yr. option.

By doing some research I found that there hasn't been anything going on since, 1994 (as far back as I can go online) until, Chesapeak began leasing in August 2010.

I see where there has been a lot of assignments in the above section and other sections adjacent to me between T.S. Dudley Land Company, Inc. and Devon Energy Production Company, LP which, I've yet to decipher if these companies are associated with Chesapeak or if they're individual exploration companies. How can I tell who's doing what or who's who with these companies?

Also, if its not wise to accept a draft would it be better to have a title company act as the third party to receive certified funds for the bonus payments or is there another way of doing business to protect yourself?

These exploration companies are so tight lipped with their plans I feel like I'm going to have to become a private investigator!! lol

Thanks for all your help!!

Kaye, Devon and Chesapeake are both oil and gas operators who appear to be acquiring leases in that section. Dudley is apparently a broker who has been obtaining leases and then assigning them to Devon. There are a number of judicial process's that take place before drilling can begin and neither Devon or Chesapeake have applied for anything yet. So it remains to be seen who will end up drilling if it gets that far. You can learn alot at the Oklahoma Corporation Commission website:

Thanks Michael! I got onto the OCC website and downloaded per the instructions, but still unable to get in the "Case Processing Web Application". I'll try to download it again. I've been able to acces the "New Well Browse" and was able to find the recent affidavits filed and all the information on the plugged well.

You're welcome Kaye. That web app is a real pain. I've been using it for over a year now and it still crashes about once a month. In the meantime let me know if you want me to look up anything for you.