Copy of Leases for S6 2N 8W and 29 2N 8W

My brothers and I inherited mineral rights in Stephens and Beckham Counties in OK from my mother when she died in 2018. I am the executor of her estate. Despite spending hours on this site and searching other informational resources, I am still quite befuddled about how all of this works.

I have been unable to find a lease for the mineral rights in my mother’s files, and we would like to be able to sell these interests so I can close her estate. I tried to see if I could find a lease online in the Stephens County Clerk website, but was unsuccessful despite following the search examples. (I am out of state and can’t go to the clerk’s office in person.)

In Stephens County, we inherited an undivided 1/2 interest in NW 1/4 of S6 2N 8W and undivided 3/32nds interest in SE 1/4 of S29 2N 8W. In going through her paper work it appears that the last lease for these interests was with Chesapeake Energy, but apparently in 2018 Territory Resources acquired Chesapeake’s assets in southwestern Oklahoma.

I retitled the interests to our family trust and signed division orders with Territory Resources. We are currently receiving royalty payments on the S6 2N 8W area.

Having had some challenging communications with Territory Resources (it took well over a year to change ownership), I am hesitant to reach out to them to see if I can obtain a copy of the lease. I am wondering if anyone has successfully obtained a copy a lease from them and/or would welcome any suggestions on how to see if I can find a lease for these interests somewhere.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Have you tried

The leases should be there if the counties are on that website. Search under her name. (Or various misspellings of her name). I use the Advanced search option.

It is possible that she was force pooled and not leased. Do you know what year she might have been dealing with Chesapeake?

I may be interested in purchasing your mineral interests

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@LollyBelanger Click on the link given by M_Barnes, then click Stephens County on the Oklahoma map. In the Advanced Search section enter 2904 in the Book Box and 256 in the Page Box, then click Search. You should see the Oil & Gas Lease for the Section 6-2N-8W well. I think it costs $1 per page to print. I always print to a pdf file so I have a copy on my computer.

Repeat for the Section 29-2N-8W oil & gas lease. Book = 3225, Page = 153

I appreciate all of the great info!

It is also possible that there might not be a lease. If the interest is subject to forced pooling you will not likely find any reference to it in the land records.

It would be worthwhile to inquire of Territory for a copy of the lease or the forced pooling data.

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Don’t forget to check the OK unclaimed property website – I too had years of confusing and convoluted ownership issues, but once I had proof, I was able to claim the funds that had accumulated in the unclaimed property department of the OK gov system. Good luck, and hopefully all of this work will feel worth it soon!

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My mother recently passed away and her mineral rights were signed over to me, the executor of her estate, thru the courts. You don’t have to sell them to close out her estate. I was also advised to hang onto the mineral rights, which have been in my family for over 40yrs, for as long as possible. I have been curious to their value, but haven’t been able to find out any info.

If you post your state and county and location, we may be able to direct you to how to find out the general value.