Copy of a Trust Form Needed

We wish to transfer our mineral rights into a family trust. Have any of y'all done this? Could you send me a fax or email copy of said form?

A “Form” is likely to cause more harm than benefit. For the sake of everyone involve, find an estate planning attorney that is very familiar with oil and gas properties. Even if it takes more than one attorney.

There is a lot of planning required. Even more so when you start involving multiple families. Future generations will continue to pay for mistakes made in the process.

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We have successfully done this using a transfer of Mineral Deed. i do suspect an attorney drew it up initially for one property, then we just copied it for each other property we owned. Sign, notarize, make copies, send the original in to the county with your transfer fee and it's done. If you're moving the ownership into a trust, then whoever is handling your trust should be able to guide you - as it's not involving other families or anything.

Dear Miss Francine, you do need to consult an attorney when forming a trust or making any estate planning decisions. Mr Howell is correct. The opportunity to make a costly mistake is very good because this area of the law is complicated. What you do depends upon what you want to accomplish.