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To the four current members do any of you have min. in Cooke county?

We just lease some Min to Silver Creek out of the Elizabeth Barnes survey. Have anyone of you been approached to lease anything in Cooke or Grayson County?

I have not been approached, but there is activity in both counties. Some of the older fields are heating up and a few companies have started drilling horizontals in the older sands.

I too have some mineral rights in Cooke County. I would be interested in any activity and where it is. Thanks Jean Mitchell

We leased with Silver Creek last May in Cooke County.

jean what survey are your min. and which part of county.

Hello, my father found an oil lease that was in his mother’s name. We have tracked pretty much tracked down where it is and found out that she has about 1/6 ownership in the mineral rights. He and four of his cousins are wanting to lease the rights but the 6th mineral right owner is also the surface right owner. They don’t want to lease because it might affect the resale value of the land. Does anyone have any ideas about how to address this? Can or should my dad approach the surface owner and see if they would want to buy his mineral rights? Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

In the state of Texas the top soil owner can not stop the person you lease to from drilling. I don't know how many net mineral acres you own. like is it 40 acres over 160 or is it a 6th of 40 acres. and does the land owner only has a 6th. who ever own the top soil gave up his rights to stop the drilling when they sold the minerals the first time. and the person who bought the top soil should have check this out before he bought the land. I own minerals in several counties and the land owner can spend a lot of money trying to stop the drilling but they always loose in court. I have leased to oil co. where the land owner didn't want to let them drill but they could not stop them. It also depend on how many a/c you have and how many he has the oil co. only needs 60% leased to drill. On the lease does it say that his mother own a 6th of the land or a 1/6 royalty interest. also it looks like your dad and 4 cousins own the controlling interest if each one own a 1/6 you have 5/6 of the royalty. what abs # where your min. are located I might be willing to buy some from you. but I always say hold on to them I say lease if you have some one to lease to and they give you $500.00 a/c and a 1/5 royalty or $ 900.00 for a 3/16 for 3yrs. some people take a .20 and no bonus money. again not knowing where you land is its hard to give you the current prices. Raymond

the Town of Lewisville tried to stop the drilling in town but lost in court same with flower mound, Tarrent county Denton all lost .if he has small piece of land they can drill under him..they can also leave him out of the well polled and him get nothing Rraymond

Thanks for your responses and information. We have had a lot of confusion about who owns what and how much does each family member own. I've attemped to track everything down but it's tough since I'm in houston and documents are only available back to a certain date online. My dad has been trying to work with the landman that contacted his mom back in 2008 but he has been less than helpful and nonresponsive. Should I go to the courthouse and spend some time digging around or should I hire someone like a landman to help sort this out? Details: 80 acres of land in the W.J. Lee survey, A-584, Cooke County. In 2008 the landman was offering a lease for 3 years with a 1/6 royalty in the event of a successful well. The lease was never completed, the landman cited being unable to reach a consensus with the royalty owners so they dropped it. Sorry for the long post. Thanks.

Do you know how to use the Texas railroad site web page. I looked the survey up and there has not been much done in the past I see where there has been 2 dry holes drilled in the survey. But there has been wells made in the surveys east and west of your survey. do you know who the landman was leasing for. If the co. had thought the chance to make a well was high enough they would have increased the amount offered to get the lease. sounds like to me they were hoping to get the lease cheap enough to drill but didn't want to put a whole lot of money in it.

I will try to search the RRC website to see what I can findout. The landman was leasing for Wesy Bay Exploration Company.

Can anyone give me a ballpark figure for per-acre oil & gas lease in northern Cooke County, TX? I have been approached by a landman to lease my mineral rights in northern Cooke County.

Jan, Northeastern or Northwestern Cooke?

Hi everyone, So my father thinks that he has figured out why there are wells east and west of our survey and none where we have rights. The land where we have our rights (A-584, WJLee Survey) is part of the Humphrey Ranch. The wells to the east and west are also part of the Humphrey Ranch. We believe that the Humphreys hold mineral and surface rights and have negotiated to have drilling in the area on their ranch where only they have the mineral rights (therefore not having to split royalties with anyone). This also might mean that he was the one blocking drilling in the area where we have mineral rights. I guess that we suspect that there is some kind of strategy by the surface right owner (Humphrey) as to where he wants wells on his ranch. My father and his cousins do not and historically have not been informed enough to know what , if anything, can be done about this. So, my questions is, should we hire someone to look into the ownership and see if it is possible to get something going in that area knowing that my father and his cousins own the majority of mineral rights OR is it just too much trouble and should let it go. I'm afraid this is going to get really complicated.


Please forgive my ignorance but my family has not properly filed for perhaps 40+ years. My great uncle was T.C Collums and he died intestate in 1960. When he died, his interests went to Hugh Collums senior and Zula Collums Marshall (via recorded doc as TC did not have a will). TC had seemingly material interests in survey 1248 (and 369) for lots 3, 10, 58, 59, 68, etc. I believe 1248 is "unitized".

I am a Marshall and my mom and dad were Dean and Mary B Marshall, both deceased. Can anybody point me to an expert who can provide guidance on how to figure out the math on survey's 369 and 1248 (there are about 50 other surveys in which the Marshall family has interests but family didn't properly record their interests (however, the Collums side apparently has).

Sorry for this note long and thank you for any help you might be able to provide.

Rich Marshall 303 898 8527

Call Howeth Abstract in Gainesville Texas and they can help you or they can get you going inthe right direction. I am out of stae right nowand don't have phone #

My family has owned a royalty interest in Cooke county tx for many years. Not sure when it last produced but I am interested in selling. Can anyone tell me where to post this on the site thanks

Hi to all. New member here. We have small acreage in Cooke County. Was contacted by Concord Land Services to acquire lease rights. He says they are the only company doing so.

Are there others? Can anyone advise me?

We just signed a couple of leases with Concord in Cooke county. To my knowledge, they are the only ones who have contacted my family. Happy to discuss 303 898 8527