Cooke County, TX Mineral Interest and Leasing

Howdy All,

My family owns some mineral interests in Cooke County, around A-1107 and A-104. I am just trying to get a feel for what minerals are leasing for in Cooke County as I am not familiar with the area. We have been approached by a company with an interest in leasing. Any insight as to what acreage is going for in that area would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


You might want to be more specific about where these minerals are located (State, etc.).

Sorry, Cooke County, Texas. Minerals are found in abstracts listed above.


I am not familiar with this area in regards to lease rates but I will give you a tip on negotiating with this company. I will guess by your comments that you reside in another area, possibly another State. Be careful and let them give you a rate as they may think that since you live away from the area, they will be able to negotiate a rate far below the going bonus and % royalty amounts. Do some homework and again let them make the offer and then go from there.