Convert Township, Range, and Section to LatLong or GPS?

Hello, we own land in Eddy county and I’d like to be able to find it on Google Earth. is not working. Any other way to do this?

Thank you, Todd

I just find a nearby well, gets its Lat-Long (from NMOCD) and go from there as frame of reference.

Thanks, but I have no idea where the land is.

If you post the section, Township and Range, I can help you out. Or you can just go to Google Earth and add in the Public Land System which will display S-T-R on GE.

Township 17 South, Range 27 East, NMPM Section 6 lots 6 and 7

Thank you.

N 32.860820°, W 104.324195° will get you close to the center of your tract. Looks like it’s about 4 miles east of Artesia.

Thank you so much! May I ask how you did this?

I used Google Earth.

But how did you convert the Township info into a coordinate?

Google new mexico oil conservation division, once you pull up their site click on the OCD GIS tab which will pull up the map. Zoom into the Township and Range and then the section. At the bottom left of the screen you will find the latitude and longitude of where you cursor is located on the map.

At the bottom of the Google Earth screen it shows the Lat Long of your mouse pointer. Just point it at something and read the coordinates.