Continued pooling orders

Just noticed that pooling orders for sec.34 and 27 2 n 3 w has been rescheduled for February, only it says for location exception.what does this mean?

Quite a few steps are required to get permission to drill a well. The reservoir must be spaced, the well must be approved, the location must be approved and any unleased owners must be force pooled (in OK). The original well location is typically in the middle of the of the spacing unit. That is often not the best location for full drainage of an area, so for many horizontal drilling plans, the location will be moved to a more optimal location. The OCC must approve the location.

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I see, thank you. You sure have helped me a lot. Hopefully something Will happen soon

Since this year has been so unusual due to COVID, the OCC has not been able to meet in their offices, so many hearings have been postponed multiple times or heard by ZOOM. Operators have pulled back on budgets as well, so things are just taking longer to come together.

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I know that’s right. Its been a crazy year ,Come on 2021 .Thank you for all your help

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