Continental resources

Is anyone else having problems with continental? I thought my problems with them were over. Then last month I started receding huge bills saying I was a working interest. After numerou unanswered calls a woman called Friday. She said that I am a working interest because I did not lease my ( one mineral acre) in the franklin well. I was not notified of the drilling, nor did they try to lease my land. Diamond had leased all of my other mineral interests in 160n 95w in divide. Help!

They should have sent you lots of paperwork about costs, other owners, their production name and info about the well and the percentage of your interests. With a page that you would signify your interest in any kind of participation. If they did not they don’t have a leg to stand on. And, if you do not participate then they have to force pool you later. I’d say find an attorney you can trust. Good luck

Kitzel, they can't charge you a dime out of pocket and they have to pay you leased or not if you have good title. I think they just overlooked you.

Just got a statement that appears to wipe out all old bills. God, I hate continental. I know that diamond is problematic but they have helped me with continental a couple of times. Thanks for your help.

R w Kennedy- I agree. With just the one mineral acre I think that they just missed us. I need to subscribe to whatever mineral publication you were talking about. With our interests(small) in multiple counties it is confusing. My goal this year is to figure this out. I really do appreciate all the help!

Aware of this site for about 2 years now but not being an active member, I appreciate all the comments made by other MR owners. Having dealt with Diamond Resources on/off since early 2010 and prior to connecting with Continental, many terms and processes are foreign to myself as with any other entry level owner.

It is a bit unnerving, then to read of someone receiving bills for a working interest as I wonder when that worm will turn for myself or 2 other siblings as we share in 195 acres and are now receiving royalty checks monthly. Is this a common trait for an oil company? Dangle the proverbial carrot and then hand a bill of goods later after they already take a cut of the pie?