Continental Resources back billing production cost

I inherited mineral interest from my mother in 2016. Continental seems to be back billing for line fill, and many numerous other charges back to 2012. It is impossible to know what these charges are as many are marked “other”. I believe this has to do with a change they made to bill royalty owners for production charges from the wellhead. I didn’t sign these these division orders as these wells were placed on line before ownership came to me. I have called Grady County and they tell me to get the division orders from the company. Grady County says they are not filed of record with them. Is this correct information? It seems I have seen on this forum that division orders are filed at the courthouse. My main concern is that it looks as though they are back billing me for a time period that I was not the owner of the royalty.

DO’s are not usually filed with the County Clerk, at least by any operators. Back in the old days, sometimes they might have been filed by a mineral owner thinking that solidified their ownership in the minerals. It doesn’t do that, but does put the public on notice that someone is claiming an interest.

As for post production charges being deducted prior to you being the owner, all depends on the wording of your mineral deed. Look for an “effective date” on the deed. If none, the words “past, present or future” will probably hold you liable for the past charges.

Todd M Baker