Continental pooling sec9 township 7n range 3w

Any news on this proposed well?

The pooling hearing is set for Feb 21, 2023. No well progress until the pooling has been decided. The surface location looks like it will be in section 33-8N-3W, so watch for it there. Applewhite 1-33-4-9XHW.

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Great stuff as always @M_Barnes!

What are your thoughts regarding the faulting in this particular area?

The database from the USGS for Woodford basement faults indicates what appears to be a major fault running through a large portion of section 04-07N-03W.

Could this explain why CLR proposed the new well (3-mile lateral, wow!) on the far western edge of these sections?

Also curious how it could impact any future infill development potential.



There is a huge fault system running through the middle of Oklahoma. It is generically called the McClain county fault and is part of the Nemaha fault zone that separates the Cherokee platform from the Anadarko Basin to the west. The fault system runs north through many states. Good thick Woodford to the west, thin to absent on the east (depending upon where you are looking). I am sure CLR has good seismic there. They want to avoid any fault splays. If the first well is successful, they they left plenty of room for infill wells. The eastern third of the townships right in 7/8N 3W are not going to look as good.

Here is an older paper with some good exhibits. You can type Woodford isopach into search engines and get some interesting maps.

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