Continental Oil - North Dakota - Are they pumping?

I realize from the past 10 years that “if” production falls below a certain limit, that owners or rights may not see a check until said time enough qualifies to take their time to generate a deposit.

Nothing was received in July from Continental and curious as to how many others are affected?

County: Burke Field name: Stoneview Well Name: Points 1-6H

Thanks to anyone that responds as this has been a great site to get info from!

Please give your section, township and range so it is easier to look up. You can reset your minimum amount by sending in a new Division Order.

Hi and thanks for the response! Section? Township? Range?

The property description states: Sec 6-T160N-R94W

County: Burke County, ND

Considering I don’t spend a lot of time researching in the past 10 years I also wonder if entitlement or a lease agreement expires without warning. As in Continental in this case not letting owners know a lease is up for grabs after a set time or does it just continue on.

Again thank you!

The well was still producing as of June 2021 which is the latest posting. It had short times of non-production in early 2016 and during April to May in 2020 during the price drop.

Your lease will continue as long as their is production. The operator is under no obligation to tell you that a lease is expired. When the checks stop for over a year, you can ask for a release of lease. You can tract the production on the North Dakota state oil and gas commission website. I have a fairly inexpensive annual subscription. This is a screen shot of the well’s historical production.

I do not worry too much when a check is missing for a month. I go back and look at my last check and see if it was close to $100 which is the preferred minimum for many companies. As wells get older, they may not pay out to me every month. I have some that are only once a year. They have to accumulate enough royalties to equal the minimum. Sometimes, I reset the minimum to $25 in order to get more frequent checks and keep an eye of things.

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