Continental lease offer in 32-8N-8W Grady county

I had a telephone call from a Continental person asking me to extended an expired lease I have for a small mineral right in this section. I have not called him back. Does anyone have information on what is going on in that section.? If so what are the current offers. Thank you, John Mann

I let time run its course on things like this. If the lease was a lease from an operator that is their draft lease, it is usually all in their favor. I would take the opportunity to get a better lease more in your favor using a good oil and gas attorney. And I would not be in a hurry to do it until I saw a bit more activity nearby. There are several operators in the sections nearby, so you may (or may not) get some interest from other parties.

All I could see was 3 Old Plugged Wells. OCC results. didn’t show anything.

Suspect maybe activities in surrounding sections.

Someone will know more. Be patient and an answer will come.