Continental Land Resources

Hi, am new to the forum but have been trying to educate myself and this forum has had a wealth of information.

Has anyone had any lease dealings with Continental Land Resources out of Edmond OK?

Also is it better to deal directly with oil companies or Land firms like this?

Yes. Our family has. They typically represent Continental Resources or Devon Energy in active leasing plays like in South Central Oklahoma or Northern OK. The Oil companies typically hire the more seasoned brokerages, like Continental Land Resources or Purple Land Management to do their leasing and title work for them. As a rule, if a broker is trying to lease myself or my family's minerals, I ask if they are representing an operator and leasing on their behalf or if they looking to acquire leasehold to try to flip or sell to an operator. You might get a better deal if you negotiate with a broker representing an operator, not to mention future royalty payments if they intend on developing your minerals on down the road.

Thanks for your info. Has you dealings with Continental Land Resources been favorable. I do know they are representing Devon.

Yes. They are solid. They came across as knowledgeable and honest. Sometimes with other firms, like LWB or JNAH, we felt they were out just to make a buck and get us signed. Continental Land wasn't that way. Very straight forward and upfront.