Continental drilling permits Sect 15, 2N, 4W

CR permitted three Springer wells. Just wondering if anyone has seen any surface preparation there?

John do you mean they have JUST permitted those wells or back a while? I may drive down that way and look around to see what I can see but we had heavy rains so I don’t want to go off the highway on unpaved roads.

I figure if they have them permitted they might just drill them and not complete them until the price of oil goes up enough to justify the cost.

Drove down and around section 15 2n 4w in Stephens Co. and there looked to be a location on the NE corner of 15 but couldn’t tell for sure since it was up on a hill. The only rig sign I saw was a Patterson #283 and it was in section 5 2n 4w


Just recently permitted.

You are probably right in predicting DUC wells until price increase.

Thanks for checking surface location. Just off highway, so probably don’t have to get too muddy.

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Well John…like I said I couldn’t get to the top of the hill to make sure a location was what it was. The gate was locked so I could just see from the highway.

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