Continental Driftwood Goddard Unitization

I called the lawyer’s office and was told that the hearing is put off until July 13th. There is opposition, of which I have seen here on the forum. We will see how it turns out….

Thanks for the update. I have wondered what was going on. Jim B

I was also wondering how this fits into the Constitution provision regarding impairment of obligations in contracts. Any ConLaw experts wish to comment?

Mr. Brock: By no means do I portend to be an attorney, but the OGL you signed granted the lessee the right to unitize the lands. What all goes with that, I don’t know as I don’t know all the legal ins & outs. But I do know that in the long run, your minerals will be entitled to more oil & gas that mean more dollars, with the unitization than without. That is why there are “units” in Oklahoma & Texas that have been producing for 70+ years. In driver’s education class, I was taught to “aim high in steering”. I also know too many people that step over dollars to pick up dimes. I am quite sure you will be rewarded, as will I, by being a part of this Unit. And for the record, I am not affiliated with Continental. I am a mineral and working interest owner in wells in this unit and I welcome it because preserving pressure is the name of the game.

Thanks, Todd. I think you are right on the lease terms. Lately, I have been trying to delete that phrasing, but these are old leases. BTW, my wells in the scoop show no evidence yet of losing pressure. Jim Brock PS: I am too old (91) for the “Mr” appellation. In my second childhood, so call me “Jim”.