Continental Activity in BETTS Horizontal Wells

I think these two sections have been pooled by Continental: T1NR4W Section 31 and T1S R4W Section 6. Can anyone comment on what is happening here?

The new operations are in the Woodford. One older well is in the Missippian.

The documentation I have seen shows two zipper frac operations of about 1.5 miles in length.

It looks like as many as 5 new wells are planned in these two sections.

Case 202000397 is an application for increased density for three additional Mississippian wells in 31. Betts M1-6-31XH has already been drilled into 31 from a location in section 6-1S-4W. Case 396 is for section 6.

Case 202000398 is an application for increased density for six additional Woodford wells in 31. Sikes 1-31H has already been drilled. Case 399 is for section 6.

The multiple well cases are all pending with hearings in March

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