Continental activities

Continental has leased a lot of acreage from me in Grady county. How do I find out what they are doing in the area?

Sylvester first of all welcome to the forum. I would suggest that you first take time and read the discussions and comment board on the Grady county forum and take some notes along the way and i think many of your answers to Continentals activities wil be answered if not do not be afaird to ask anything we have some very helpful and knowledgable poeple in this Group. If you will join the Cana Woodford Shale group also is another source of information for Grady county on this forum.

Thanks. How do I join the Woodford Shale group?

Sylester just click under groups and look up the Cana Woodford group under Okla. and click on it and there will be a join the group in the right corner, just click it.

Okay, thanks. I had hoped that the memberships in the old form would have been preserved in the new. But at my age (87) I have learned to adapt.